Earthen Home started as its founders sought to expand their existing community work. It was a natural marrying of thoughts for friends Priya Deepak, the founder of a natural cookware enterprise, GetKitch.in and Tanya Abraham an art curator, NGO founder and author of the book Eating with History, Ancient trade influenced cuisines of Kerala. Both work with marginalised women and, to support their cause for economic independence, garnered their skills  to produce freshly made food ingredients. Earthen Home works with more than a hundred women, using local produce from small farming communities. Traditional methods of grinding, roasting and packing are followed to ensure natural, fresh flavours.

A Rupee of every pouch sold is donated to The Art Outreach Society (TAOS), an NGO which supports mental and emotional health of marginalised women and children.

Our Founders

Tanya Abraham

Tanya has won a number of awards for her contribution to the arts and the community. She is an art curator and the author of Jaipur Literature Festival featured book; Eating with History; Ancient Trade Influenced Cuisines of Kerala, which has been hailed as a unique contribution to the food culture of Kerala. She is also the Founder Director of the non profit organization The Art Outreach Society (TAOS), which works in the field of education, employment and mental health, using creativity as a tool.

Priya Deepak

Priya Deepak is a people’s person and her passion for all things natural led her to take venture at the natural cookware business 5 years ago. She invested her time and expertise on creating a quality product and created a unique seasoning system, which made natural cookware accessible to homes. Priya travelled far and wide to find the best artisans and foundries that make good quality natural cookware. Today, getkitch .in is one of the top natural cookware brands of India and have trusted customers who vouch for the brand.
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